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Proper Care for Wooden Staircases Different materials are used to make staircases, including wood. Both the inside and outside staircases can be made of wood. Wooden staircases are very cost effective and can last longer if taken good care of. In this piece of writing, you will learn the tips for attractive, safe, and long lasting staircases made from wood. It is necessary to seal the wood when building and fitting it, so that it does not become damp. Before sealing, clean and leave the wood o dry. You can use the best sealants in the market for the purpose of keeping the wood dry to avoid rotting. You will need to re-apply the seal after three to five years depending on the climate and how the stairs are used. You need to use nails with stainless steel finish in place of the old galvanized quick to rust nails. This way, your wooden staircases will remain attractive because the nails will maintain their appearance. Ensure that the nails are totally knocked in and upright. Accidents happen when the nails are bent and fixed slackly. Your wooden staircase will be stronger and stable for human traffic.
How to Achieve Maximum Success with Resources
The wooden flight of steps needs to be repaired frequently. Always watch out for cracks and close them right away with the best sealer because wood chips. Rotting or breaking down of wood is indicated by chipping. Also, regular repair is needed to strengthen any weak stairs that are harmful. Replace staircase boards with excessive cracking or those that are worn out severely.
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Ants and termites feed on wood; therefore, it is necessary to come up with necessary protection measures. When the exterminator does his annual maintenance, ensure he has checked any possible infestations of the insects and immediately deal with signs of attack. To apply oil on the wood, use the best organic wood oil that contains essential preservatives and apply sparingly. You also need to varnish the timber. This way, the wood will be safe from the insects and rotting due to dampness. The staircases will become slippery when many layers of varnish are applied, resulting in accidents. The staircases will become unsafe and weak when exposed to too much water that makes them rot. Wax and polish the wood regularly. Remove dirt and dust to make clean the wooden staircases. Do not walk with stilettos on wooden staircases unless they are covered with rubber track runners or carpet because you will damage the stairs and spoil the wood. It is advisable that you use good timber such as oak, to make the stairs. With above dos and don’ts, you will have an excellent wooden staircase. They will last longer and be safe when taken good care of.