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What You Need To Know Regarding Translation Services It is very important to invest in quality and accurate translation service for companies and organizations that are aspiring for the global market; this way, it can increase their global IP revenue and protection as they are reducing the cost for patent ownership at the same time. The translation errors in patent applications have just become a common thing with significant growth in global patent activity to and from various Asian language market. Companies regardless of size and value have to file patents in various jurisdictions in an effort to protect their IP in view of resulting to global revenue these patents are generating. When talking about quality translations for documentation necessary to be field, the patent in other foreign jurisdictions, there are actually numerous filers who get shock of life mainly because of excessive cost as well as fear that this expense may potentially limit the range of their filing strategy. With many more companies that are filing for a global patent as per WIPO or World Intellectual Property Organization, China, The United States as well as Japan have the most patent applications. In fact, these said countries are home to 3 different languages.
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But the question here is, how the errors in the translation could impact the cost of the patent for the company? Basically, the cost of the translation errors are coming from the long wait for patent to be granted because of office actions, unexpected external and internal costs, hidden risk of unenforceable patent and limiting the number of the patents filed because of unexpected external and internal cost, which have exceeded the budget.
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And this is a true problem to which many companies are facing. In an effort to limit your cost for having accurate translation, it is imperative that you have accurate translation. The simple yet effective solution here is to develop a new model that can define and produce high quality IP translation services. A model that allows the patent filers to become better in managing and reducing the cost of patent portfolio as they improve legal and scientific accuracy as well. Both the patent translation service providers and legal teams can adopt streamline and centralize process to be able to ensure efficiency and quality in their patent translations. In this regard, the patent translation is being managed by the translation company that has global operations, which is centralized by using technology solutions. Allowing the allowing law firms and even foreign agents to just focus on their legal work, provide clients with an exceptional translation service from certified and skilled translators and so forth are just couple of the benefits that you can get by getting this thing done.